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Monday, October 17, 2005
Back in Terengganu, when someone does something for no apparent reason, we would say:
"Hujang tidok, ribut pong tidok" ( There is no rain, there is no storm and yet things happened.) There was no rhyme or reason for things that you found inexplicable. Things like why my Streamyx connection kept getting lost every few minutes. I did not want to call their call center. I would only lose puasa points and most of my patience. While waiting for the connection to be re established, I was trying to find suitable words that rhyme with Streamyx. I wasn't succesful.
I am hoping that Jaring Wireless Broadband will cover my area soon so that my broadband misery will be over.
In the big scheme of things, the Ying and the Yang or what have you, to balance things up, I was pleased to receive some text messages on the phone. They were mostly from friends who sent Ramadhan greetings. People whom I owe money do not have my phone number, though I doubt very much that they would bother with Ramadhan messages. As usual, people who owe ME money did not answer my calls.
So while thinking of how much money I need to get a better connection (like a T1 line) and guessing if I would get another yearly bonus of RM200 in the next Bajet , I got an SMS from Som (not Kelsom but Mohd Som) whom you will surmise later is from Terengganu. I hereby share with you his doggerel whether you like it or not:

Masuk waktu kena semayang
Jangang duduk diang diang
Lepah garrek buleh makang
Nasik lauk ikang singgang
Ikang panggang cicoh belacang

Ramadhan kareem.

Have a nice day folks!