Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer


Monday, November 14, 2005
Yesterday was Mack's Hari Raya Open House and I nearly did not make it.
My car had to undergo a major operation to replace the clutch plate. The engine oil was replaced too. The mechanic came to my place to do the job. Anyway, I thought the event was in the afternoon until Mack told me over the phone it was in the evening. Driving at night with my old glasses and even older eyes is not very safe for me and other road-users so I decided to go by cab.
The first cab that stopped for me had a black and white tv on the dashboard. When I pointed this out to the cabbie, he seemed to be upset that I noticed. He explained later that he doesn't watch the TV while driving. He just listened. Then he received a phone call that he answered rather angrily. It turned out to be his wife who wanted to go out for the evening.
When we got to USJ area, the cabbie confessed that he didn't like USJ and he wasn't too familiar with the area even though he pointed out to me a house where he used to work as a driver. I got to Mack's house after several phone calls and a long detour.
I wasn't sure I got the right house because there was no sign of any party in sight. I saw a lady with a tudung in the house. It was Bibi. The rest were at the back having a cook out and loads of fun. When I joined them, I found that I was over dressed. Most were in t-shirts and shorts. Fortunately, I have old age as an excuse.
Thanks Mack & Aini for the wonderful hospitality. To buaya69, you do look younger than I imagined. But just as nice though.