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Friday, November 18, 2005

We do not have Thanksgiving Day in Malaysia but every day, all Malaysians who believe in the Supreme Creator should give thanks or as the Muslims say it, "Bersyukur".

Thank God not just for the bounty given or for giving you good health or at least for letting you live this far. Thank God that you have members of your family who still care for you. Thank God that you have members of your family who know that you are still alive. Thank God that you have a family. Are you so miserable that you have nothing to thank God for? Then thank God for making us the way we are. Can you not think for a moment how convenient things are? Imagine if God made your ears somewhere else. It would be difficult for us to wear glasses. If your ears were somewhere else, say under your armpits, would there be people wanting to whisper sweet nothings to you?
And have you noticed that we are symmetrical? The length of your body from your navel upward is equal to the length downward to your toes. See da Vinci's drawing and you will know what I mean. God made you balanced. If you are unbalanced afterward, blame no one but yourself.
Next time you are on the toilet, think how convenient everything is. Gravity is considered. Just imagine if your genitals were placed somewhere else. Thank God they are not on your forehead. For the men, you would get constant headaches and I can't imagine what kind of underwear we would be wearing. Circumscision would be very risky. The chances of the Tok Mudin slicing off part of your nose is very great. Sex positions would be more awkward than they already are. Head to Head would have an entirely new meaning.
Thank God for everything that you take for granted. I pity the atheists. They do not have anyone to thank although one of them said "Thank God I am an atheist."

Have a nice weekend.