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Friday, December 09, 2005
Where I live, motorists get away with a lot of things. They park in no parking zone, around corners and sometimes in front of the entrance/exit of other people's parking lot. Mr.Gurunathan, our Scoutmaster who taught us Highway Code would turn pale at these daily goings on.
The wonder of it all is nobody got punished. No tickets given, no summons, nothing. The lack of civic-consciousness and total disregard for rules are compounded by the lack of enforcement. There is a serious bottleneck everyday. It is worse on Mondays and Friday when the pasar malam is on.
I understand that the police is short-handed but do we need the police to be civic-conscious and obey the law? God-fearing people need not see God to refrain from committing sins.
When education and good sense fail, maybe we should turn to technology. Somebody should invent a road that has properties of the pit moss or what Terengganu people call gumbut. Gumbut is the layer of grass and earth floating on water. You can walk on it without sinking. If you keep still for some time, you will sink. How nice to have a road like that. You can drive on it. If you keep moving, you will be ok. Park your vehicle for a certain time, it will sink below the surface and will not block traffic. Other vehicles can move over it. Bad driver sinking together with vehicle is optional.
Seriously, people are ignoring the law with impunity. The pavement/walkway to the LRT station is crammed with hawkers. Most put up tables and chairs for their customers. DBKL, aware of the problem put up several signboards
The hawkers set up their tables and chairs right under the signboard.
Doh nok wak guane?