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Friday, December 02, 2005
Have you noticed that there are a lot of shampoo commercials on TV nowadays? Since most of us have hair it is natural for merchants to persuade us to buy their products to keep our crowning glory soft and manageable. Some wanted us to stop scratching our head by using their shampoo.
Hair has its ups and down through the ages. At one time, I guess since Samson's time, men have longer hair than Delilah. When the Roaring 20s came, the female flappers cut their hair short. During World War II and soon after, crewcuts were the rage although Malaysian males in Terengganu preferred the remos, with liberal dollops of Brylcreem or the thicker green Yardley Brilliantine. Some even went to the extent of perming their hair to get the P.Ramlee look. Of course most of them are gone now, some with hair going first. During the Flower Power era, more men sport long hair like rock stars. Malaysian men with long hair trying to get into Singapore were stopped. A few had free hair-cut courtesy of the Singapore Government and created a war of words between nations. People who remember that are either bald or have thinning hair now.
Why do our hair fall off and why do some go bald prematurely, if at all.
Our hair falls out all the time even if we refrain from eating MSG-laden food. People under stress, like old bloggers desperately trying to write a post, will have more hair falling. This does not include clumps of hair pulled out in frustration. Some antibiotics and pregnancy will also cause hair-loss. If you are the one who caused the unwanted pregnancy, you will lose more hair, naturally.
Baldness or receding hairline is part of the midlife crisis. There are people who have genes that jumpstart premature baldness. This article blames mothers when you lose your hair prematurely but I have noticed that it is part of the father's genes too. Anyway, to be bald seems to be the current trend nowadays. Young people shaved their head not just to fulfill nazar (vows) but to keep up with the rappers across the sea and maybe to look like macho film-stars like Van Diesel. In my time we had only 2 bald film-stars: Yul Brynner and Telly Savalas. Yul Brynner was the original king in "King and I" ( Chow Yuen Fatt didn't go bald as I remember) and Mr.Savalas was the sweet-toothed policeman, Kojak. Women found Kojak sexy although I am not sure whether it was the absence of hair or the lolly-licking that they found sexy.
There were rumours going around that men who have receding hairline (bald in front) think a lot. You know, masalah Negara and stuff. Those bald at the back are sexy. Probably the hair were tugged out by ecstatic partners, who knows. What about those who are bald both in front and back? Well, some said those THINK they are sexy.
Have a good weekend, with or without hair.