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Monday, December 19, 2005

Moon Over Menara
Unexpected things happen during the full moon. Usually crazy things. Things such as bloggers being invited to prestigious conferences, which is good. Congratulation to Mack, TV Smith, SK and Ms Fong. Now at least more people know what bloggers are, that is if they read the mainstream papers.
People who read the mainstream papers were misled into thinking that the Gadis Lokap was a Chinese national. That, is not so good. Now we know better but not before the damage has been done and delegation sent to do damage control. Damage to the image of the police however is at the moment beyond control. Even the former IGP wrote of police excesses.
We were made to understand that people arrested by the police are searched thoroughly as a matter of course. This is a universal practise. Even airport police do this as complained by many travellers. Smugglers go to great length to carry out their mission even to the extent of hiding contrabands in their body orifices. So far, they have tried to hide drugs in their anus or vagina (if they are equipped with one). No one has been caught trying to smuggle keretek, electric irons, amplifiers or airconditioners using this method though. We never know.
Those who have been to tiger shows in Bangkok or other places would know that trained women can do many things hands-free. They can make 2 boiled eggs complete disappear inside them and expel them again one by one. They can hold about 10 live fishes (obviously not ikan duri) and then disgorge them later, a bit dazed but alive. Some have muscles so powerful that they can puff on a cigarette and blow out smoke rings. Mind you, all these were achieved before Kegel Exercise was even discovered.
If you think that the full moon is making me make up all these, you can have visual proof. If you are of the right age and disposition, not a prude or easily shocked, go download this particular torrent rhymingly titled "Stunts With *****" and maybe you will have a different perspective on why the detainees were made to squat. I chanced upon its clip while asking for the much-talked about Squat video. They didn't show me that but instead showed me some (purportedly) Kuantan students fornicating on stairs and later the mentioned clips. Stop tut-tutting me. Blame it on the full moon and a few glasses of caramel latte.
Have a relaxed Monday.