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Friday, December 16, 2005
I am suffering from creative constipation again brought upon by an unusually hectic and frenzied week. My bronchitis came back and I was brought to a Chinese sinseh who prescribed a herbal concotion and prohibited me from taking chicken for 3 days. Thus when I found myself in DELIcious at Bangsar Village, I could not savour my usual nasi kerabu (with budu) because they could not subsitute ayam percik with anything else. I also had to decline ayam nara brought by Jiwarasa when he visited me on Wednesday.

The Nasi Kerabu
The last time I took a break from nasi kerabu at DELIcious, I ordered sambal tumis udang served with white rice (with serunding sprinkled on top) and acar.

Sambal tumis udang

Udang would get me scratching all through the night so I opted for a non-native dish: Ms Read's Family recipe Shepherd's Pie. For dessert, I opted for their Cendollicious.

The Cendol

DELIcious did well to present nasi kerabu and other native food in a creative way for their cosmopolitan clientele. As you can see from the above pics (taken by Mimi on her Nikon Coolpix) they used daun pisang and jantung pisang. DELIcious also serves pasta. I shall dream of seeing nasi dagang on their menu one day.