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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Before I go on, I would like to make it perfectly clear that I am not for partisan politics nor do I care for politics. I was in RTM and I was neutral like I was supposed to be. Whatever perceptions you have of RTM, the professionals are neutral. Really. If you want to look for political stuffs inside my postings, you would be sorely disappointed. But I wanted to relate to you what Tuan Guru Dato' Seri Hj. Hadi Awang said to his supporters a long time ago. He was admonishing his supporters about being swayed by gifts and subsidies handed out by the government. He told his audience about Bilal, the first muezzin. Bilal didn't lose his convictions even though they put a big rock on his chest. Hj. Hadi spoke to this effect:

"Awok laing. Orang ubuh guning baja atah wakah begoyang doh!"
(You are different. People put bags of fertilizers on the wakaf and you are already swayed)

Fertilizers and other things were subsidized heavily in Terengganu and in other states. Even our petrol is subsidized. We would have paid a higher price for it if there were no subsidies. So maybe we shouldn't gripe too much about the subsidy mentality, no? But I heard that subsidies are getting less and less as people get more self-reliant.

We are probably one of the few countries I know that have subsidies for a multitude of things. We have text books subsidy, subsidies to help our fishermen get outboard engines, nets and such. There are subsidies for tobacco planters and subsidies for pineapple planters. We help the coconut smallholders with subsidies to plant new species of coconuts like Kelapa Mawar or whatever. For taller and older coconut trees, we give subsidies to train the beroks (pig-tailed macaques) to pluck the coconuts. It takes a while to teach these red-assed creatures the difference between nyo mude and nyo tue and what are the signals to bring them down. It also takes time (and money) to teach these long-abstinent beroks curb their libido and not to rape chickens (the feathered kind) or the ocassional tabby cats that strayed close. Hey, it happened. They are not called beroks for nothing.

Once, when certain imams leading their congregations caused uneasiness and insecurities among the makmum by going "wallabo lin" instead of "walladho lin", the Terengganu government decided it was time to launch another subsidy.

They helped the imams get some false teeth. Believe it or Not.

See a slide show of a Monkey School.
About Pig-tailed Macaques.

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  • and everyday, thousands trying to get into the UK due to its generous welfare allocations. some even tried using dingy to cross the English Channel. others hid under the fibreglass cone of the high-speed eurostar train from paris, hanging to their death, inches from the tracks.

    one can live comfortably here without doing a single thing, just fill up some claim forms and wait for the dosh to be poured into your account weekly.

    By Blogger Atok, at 3:40 AM  
  • ever heard of the expression "maha tali daghi beghok" (mahal tali dari berok / the lead cost more than the macaque). maybe with such subsidies, the macaque owners did actually buy the top of the range leads. at least to keep their macaques happy and not protesting by just plucking the 'nyo kote'.

    By Blogger Atok, at 5:29 AM  
  • From Atok's comments, it seems that our subsidy mentality is the legacy from British.

    By Blogger Nectar, at 8:50 AM  
  • firstly, pls forgive me since I can't participate inside yesterday's post. Yesterday was a hard day for me (today will be another!!), kucha-kachir get ready for balek kapung kite di Chukai tomorrow!...
    I don't really know in-depth about these subsidies thing. But, I'm so sure that someone will mistreat this advantages for the sake of their own. Like those days (when I was in primary school), I'd always heard about the villagers talking about the 'missing' guning baje from their bawoh umoh... and for sure the bandits will sell them... Despite, the true owners of the subsidied fertilizers were also selling them for own profit! That was ethically wrong...

    By Blogger adlish ghazali, at 8:55 AM  
  • Human nature kot Pokku? Cakap camane pung, kalu orang hulur, kita amik gak? Subsidy should be a 'help'. Sadly, sometimes people think it is their 'right' to demand subsidy.
    Err... wasn't it sometime last year that the US Army decided to subsidize breast augmentation for their female officers to 'boost their morale & self-confidence'?

    By Blogger Jie, at 9:41 AM  
  • Well said Pok Ku. A lot of people tend to take things for granted the things that we get in this country. I guess that's part of being human beings I guess. We never really know the importance of some things until we've lost them and have them taken away from us ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

    By Blogger hyelbaine, at 9:57 AM  
  • "Once, when certain imams ... "wallabo lin" instead of "walladho lin", the Terengganu government decided it was time to launch another subsidy. They helped the imams get some false teeth."

    [mek yam ketawa separuh mati] aduhmak, toloooong! that "wallabo lin" just kills me. hahahahaha!

    pak ku, it took me a while to figure what in the name of all that's holy [i'm slow like that] it meant, but once i gotit i just went hysterical. at first my mat kat rumah thought mek yam kena sawan. then, even though poorting tak tahu hujung pangkal, dia turut geli sama - macam dia gedit pulak. hahahaha!

    mek yam

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01 AM  
  • Tehehehe I didn't know about the subsidised teeth! Thanks for making my otherwise sombre Wednesday, Pokku.

    Selamat Hari Raya and minta maaf jika saya ada buat apa2 salah silap. :)

    Leen @xanga.com/ashburn

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:28 AM  
  • serius, part subsidi gigi palsu tu memang tak pernah dengar. Betul ke ni Pok Ku?

    By Blogger Orang Kita, at 10:46 AM  
  • oh btw Pok Ku, kita dah officially link kan blog Pok Ku ni from my blog. penat la asyik nak type ur URL ni..:D

    By Blogger Orang Kita, at 10:47 AM  
  • Hmm I learn two things today - berok's libido and cat and chicken raping. Do you think they'll go after babies too. What about kera? There are lots of them where I live.

    Another one is false teeth subsidy? I'm not surprise, I think there is also subsidy for spectacles for certain group of people.

    By Blogger Lollies, at 11:07 AM  
  • uncle..
    at first i did not understand the wallabolin thingy.. but once i did.. i laughed out loud.. hehehe..
    u mentioned before how comments are the icing to the cake... the cicah tuh the pencolek(betul ke tuh?)
    so thats why i decided to comment.. heh
    keep the stories coming...

    By Blogger lin, at 11:57 AM  
  • we never got any free fertilisers because kami bukan anak bumi but *ahem* we survived coz we beli the fertilisers from the surrounding kampung folks and penghulu. we tried to use urea once to save fertiliser cost but not successful. compost also tak berapa bagus as compared to fertilisers when it comes to fruit trees, so got to beli lor ;)

    By Blogger Buaya69, at 12:22 PM  
  • hehehe... you have a way to end an entry, dont u? hehe...

    By the way, what is "Rang" as in "Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering "?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:29 PM  
  • Speaking of subsidies, I think the best example is Saudi Arabia government...they gave a lot subsidies to their ppl...especially for International Students..just imagine you only pay RM3 per year for tuition fees..

    Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Pok Ku ;)

    By Blogger shay, at 1:53 PM  
  • I believe you,Pak Ku.

    By Blogger Berisman, at 2:30 PM  
  • They give subsidies for training monkeys? And is it really true about the imam false teeth scheme, must be all old timers there to make it feasible:)

    By Blogger Kervin, at 2:43 PM  
  • and just for the record, I've received this article in my inbox just now without a credit given to you/link to your blog.

    Selamat hari raya Pok Ku.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:14 PM  
  • Pokku, wishing you a meaningful Aidilfitri, semoga sentiasa dirahmatiNya. Am gonna be 6 days without internet, so I'm really gonna miss you, you sexy (matured) guy you *punch on ur shoulder* :-) Ta!

    By Blogger Jie, at 4:22 PM  
  • Atok: Demo guri ari nih. Nyo kote tu nyo komeng ko?
    Nectar: Yep, welfare state.
    ayoh tek: selamat balik, selamat raya!
    jie: I cant understand why women GI needs better breast. So that the enemies orgasm to death?
    hyelbaine: Yep yep and wb!
    Mek Yam: The one that hits you slow is the best. Heheh.
    Orang Kita: Memang benar. Boleh check proceedings DUN.
    LollieS: Do not worry. The miang bruks are usually tied. The wild monkeys (or kera) have their own harem.
    lin: Thanks and welcome aboard.
    Buaya69: Actually the subsidies are not confined to bumis. Like petrol subsidies, other subsidies like for pinapple & rubber smallholders are given to the involved regardless of ethnicity.
    Joe: For a lengthy explanation of Rang, read my first ever post here: http://www.tblog.com/templates/index.php?bid=bustaman&static=261420
    Shay: Aaaah, but then their government can afford it.
    Berisman: Thank you.
    Kervin: It is all true. Tadak auta punya.
    md: Dalam bulan puasa pun dema nak curi? MasyaAllah!

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 4:54 PM  
  • oo Pok Ku, sorry me bad. wasn't refering to the subsidised fertiliser. hehehe, there was a period (long long time ago) smalltimer kebuns can get FREE fertilisers. woohoo! i was still very young then (primary school). went to Penghulu's house to collect. got air sirap summore - syiok!

    By Blogger Buaya69, at 6:20 PM  
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