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Friday, October 29, 2004

I am trying to cope without a maid. After living with maids all these while, it is a bit difficult doing without one.

The last maid was on a probational basis. She wasn't on probation, we were. She wanted to try us for a month and then only decide if she wanted to stay. She left after a week because she didn't want to fast. It was a good enough reason for her.

Before that, there was this very tall lanky girl from the outskirt of Semarang. She had an attitude problem and after a few sessions of "counseling" from her agent, a good friend of mine, she was tolerable. Nevertheless, we didn't renew her visa and sent her home as soon as her contract expires.

We renewed the contract of Lili the maid before her. Lili was around 19 but claimed to be 23. Her mental age was less though. Lili was enthusiastic but green. On her first day, she was briefed on how to prepare coffee for me. She was shown a teaspoon, my cup and how many teaspoons of condensed milk she should use for my coffee. She was asked if she understood. She said she did. The next time I asked for my coffee, she brought me a teaspoon on a tray. When I brought her for her medical examination, she told me the doctor wasn't as thorough as the doctor back home. I asked why and she told me the doctor didn't ask her to get naked.

Lili replaced Siti, who is from Medan (or the outskirt thereof). Siti was fast and capable but given to fainting spells every once in a while. She worked for us for 2 terms until she decided she wanted to go home and get married. She went home, didn't get married and came back to work for another family in Puchong. Some weekends she would drop in and take Mimi shopping. Mimi told me Siti didn't faint in any of the shopping malls.

Siti was a good maid and a superb karaoke singer. But the best maid we had so far was Su. We were in Taman Tun (Aminuddin Baki) then. Su was older than any of our maids and experienced enough to handle small children. Su decided to terminate her widowhood and marry an illegal immigrant who was working in a fish pond in Batang Kali. I advised the husband to get his papers and he agreed. On the way back from getting his medical examination, he was caught and sent to Semenyih Detention Camp. Su was distraught and distracted. We got them back together again after a while but Su wanted to spend more time with the husband in Batang Kali. She recommended a replacement who came for a few days, laze around in front of the TV and stole brassiers from the laundry basket and money from Mimi's piggy bank. In appreciation of Su, we didn't make a big deal out of it but sent the girl home promptly before we ran out of bras or piggy banks.

I must stop now. I must go and get my coffee.

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  • the first maid I ever had, we picked her up from melaka jetty all the way to kampung tunku. we reached home almost 10. coz we had some complication at the jetty earlier. in a deliberate attempt to impress us, she immediately got a broom and swept the hall! at 10 pm, when we were ready to sleep

    By Blogger PretentiousRot, at 1:11 AM  
  • I have few siblings with Indon maids in KL. When I completed my studies and came back to KL for good, I was a lady of leisure for few months. Suddenly my sis' maid 'accidentally' go back for 'holiday' but never to return, leaving me to stand in as a qualified maid for one whole mth.

    Shortly after, my other sis' maid's permit was about to expire, leaving me to stand in, again, for a mth.

    Then my bro's maid 'conveniently' ran away in the middle of the nite with her 'keje kontrek' boyfriend, fully aware that I'm available to stand in. After nearly two mths, I resigned my 'qualified maid' post and got myself a proper office job.

    That is my story, being a professional maid for a good 4 months. I got played, by the maids.

    Now, I need to get coffee too.

    By Blogger Jane Johan, at 1:24 AM  
  • Pok Ku, I am maidless too and hope to remain maidless after so many ran away. but my 4yo girl just asked for a Kakak this evening. Dang. i guess she doesn't want to pick up her toys by herself anymore. hahaha!

    By Blogger Buaya69, at 1:42 AM  
  • Mine tried to light the rice cooker cable with a match thinking it was the 'sumbu'! Good thing it wasn't plugged on.

    By Blogger Kri, at 3:43 AM  
  • Our first and last maid (I was about 10) was this girl whom we picked up from the train station, stayed a whole 2 hours with us over lunch outside, and then calmly asked to be sent to the nearby army encampment because that's where her boyfriend was!!! After that, my dad decided it was best if he did the dishes and washing himself.

    My aunt however, had a real good one. She stayed with the family in excess of 15 years and took care of me and my 2 cousins. She was even responsible for teaching us to mengaji and sembahyang and I must say she was bloody good!

    By Blogger DaisyBoo Blacksheep, at 4:04 AM  
  • We also grew up with maids. Yes we had two all the time as both my parents worked then. However, it was way before 'indon era'. Then, it was either 'oghe daghak' or 'oghe barat'*; we had both, and they were all great, apart from one who tried to put my younger brother in a tank when he was a baby. Those days we called them 'org gaji' but now that seems to be rather a harsh word, hence, 'helper' and 'pembantu rumah' come to play.

    * in K'tan, 'orang barat' means orang selatan thai. it's where the term 'dikir barat' comes from, coz it originated from southern thailand, i.e. 'sebelah barat'.

    By Blogger Atok, at 6:21 AM  
  • Since both my parents were working, we had a stream of maids while growing up. Like Atok, all of them were either local or 'oghang barat'. While most stayed about a year or two (a few even continued their studies part time while working with us!) there was one who came at about 7 pm, slept and decided to leave the next morning! And one divorcee who never failed to 'berjangok' whenever our ustaz ngaji came to the house - she evens laze in front of the tv ala Cleopatra to catch his attention. Not surprising that she stopped when Mama told her he just got married!

    By Blogger lion3ss, at 8:26 AM  
  • Are we really that incapable to take care of our own house,spouse and kids that we must have a maid? My mom has been doing it perfectly fine. But of course, she's a fulltime housewife. My ultimate goal is to be the perfect ibu who cook religiously and suap her kids. After our previous maid left, i took 2 weeks off and that was it. The house was in a mess, i shouted at my kids (and my hubby too). That was when i realised, due to my lacking, having a maid is a necessity/wajib. In contrast to their pay and their workload, I'm not sure if we pay them enough.
    So to all parents out there, who have no maid and survived without one.. "I salute you". To you too Kak Lisa. -chek na-

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 AM  
  • Well, I don't know whether this is good thing or not, my 3 year old son now can speak Indon! (thanks to 3 years of good service of my current maid). When asked, "abah gi mana?", he replied "pergi KERJAAA!!" mouth open widely.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 AM  
  • My parents-in-law don't trust other people to take care of their grand-children. They take care of my daughter and her cousin. I was teaching then and worked only half-days usually. But when I was about to have my second child, I thought it would be too troublesome for them to look after 3 kids. Furthermore I had been transferred to the head-office and had to follow normal office hours - no more afternoons to spend with my daughter.

    So we took a maid. I resented that idea of having someone else taking care of my baby but had no choice. We bring the kids and the maid to my parents-in-law's house in the morning and fetch them in the evening. If my parents-in-law are away on holiday, we will take time off from work, or make sure at least there's a member of our family (sometimes it's my husband's grandma) around the maid. It's tedious but that's the way they want it to be.

    The first maid couldn't read and write, liked to tell lies and then she started making calls to a strange man at mid-night (she's already married). I scolded her but by then her 2-year contract was almost over, so we got a replacement.

    The 2nd one, the present one is much better. Though she's a bit slow in doing her work, at least she's honest, so it's okay for us. And since my son was no longer a baby, I didn't really envy the maid for taking care of him. She's been with us for a year now.

    By Blogger Nectar, at 11:27 AM  
  • Never had maids in the house before. Can't afford now - and I'm still single so I dont see a use for one. And I was a latchkey kid.

    I hear more horror maid stories than the good ones - I heard one who tried to "fry" the Tuan's baby. She was even patting tepung on the baby. And the kuali was full of minyak. Lucky the dad decided to come back in time to safe the baby.

    I don't know how true this story is Pokku, just telling you what I've been told teheheh :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:45 AM  
  • More horror maid stories; dunno how far is true tho..

    1) A mom came home early from work to find her 3 months old baby sucking the maid's toe while the maid folds family clothes. (i guess, that way the baby stays quite)
    2) A mom was very proud of her 5 yr old son who likes honey so much that every month she has to buy at least 3 bottles of honey to keep up with her son's needs(ya know how honey is associated with brain development). One fine day she went back to her quite house and found her son licking honey from the maid's cunt! this is true siut..happened to my collegue's sis-in-law.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:02 PM  
  • Never had a made while I was growing up and don't have one today. Always thought to do everything on our own and look after ourselves. I don't know whether i'd have one when i have my own family but i'd like to think i can raise my future children half as good as my parents did me ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

    By Blogger hyelbaine, at 4:42 PM  
  • 'Maid' in my parents' household consisted of my aunt, my father's younger sister, who was with us when I was seven months old until 13 years old. The first ten years she lived with us full-time, and when she got married when I was ten yo, she came in the morning and went home in the evening when my parents returned from work. Reaching 13, I was accepted into SBP and she didn't need to come anymore because I was the only child (still am, btw).

    It's different when you're taken care of by a blood relative like that, because she imposed a similar value system to what my father wanted. Wah, garang woo..I was more scared of her then, than of my own mother. But now I have a strong mix of love and respect. She's MY aunt, despite having 8 more aunts in the family, simply because she took care of me instead of the others.

    No other maid after that, except for a four-day fiasco of a temporary Indo maid in transit to go to another employee, dumped at my house because the caretaker had to go on holiday for four days. Since there's nothing much to do at my house - no kids, not much laundry, not much cleaning up - she ended up buat macam rumah sendiri. Baik tak payah kan? Survives so far..:)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:59 PM  
  • Wow! I must have struck a chord somewhere. Interesting stories about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 10:46 PM  
  • I've never had a maid before but many of my better of relatives had. Recently one of my uncle's maid ran off, asked a friend to write a note to the Philippines consulate saying my uncle mistreated her and than wanted to bring charges but of course this was absurd as the other maid working with her is content. Well we can't live without them nor can we leave with them at times. Some bad eggs bring a bad name to hardy working and honest people working to make a living.

    By Blogger Kervin, at 2:59 PM  
  • I stayed with my sister before. Her maid stole my gold rings. I managed to steal (take back?) them back from her (err quietly). But before she ran away, she stole them back from me. Arghhh terrible. I feel like killing her. Actually, I bought the rings with my first salary.
    Too bad takde rezeki :( . Eversince that incident happened, I hardly trust any Indonesian maid.

    By Blogger shay, at 2:51 PM  
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