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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yesterday I couldn't log into any of the blogs hosted by Blogger.com including my own. I could access other blogs but not those on blogspot. Strange. I was upset. Was Streamyx using tali timba as my connection yesterday?

I was more upset by the news from Takbai. I saw the news clips of the soldiers kicking and hitting the demonstrators. Is that how the soldiers treat demonstrators or is the treatment reserved for Muslims only? May Allah bless the dead.

On a lighter note, yesterday's post had a few people cracking their noggin.

Buaya69 contributed
anthrapology: the study of saying sorry without really meaning sorry.
grease-bar came up with:
induhvidual - A stupid person; a person who does or says something stupid.
Mek Yam, who was really hot and on a roll gave:
demokerasi = menae sokmo puok demo, mego demo toklih bawok bekiro pasa kerah palo.
pentagone = the Pentagon after 091101 when an AA bird or something rammed one of the sides.
keroni = kroni yang hanya layak dipeonkan
october sureprize = Florida, due to the jimmying of the ballot machine before Nov 2 [hari pilihan raya matyank].
PretentiousRot had this to offer:
REBICYCLE - recycling something twice.

Kris and Longman contributed too but were disqualified for not keeping to the rules. Try again guys.
Here are my humble offering:

Auntiques : valuable well-preserved older female relatives
Constantipation: stuck or highly irregular all the time.

Let's hear yours.

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  • Urgh, had problems with blogspot as well yesterday. Maybe it was on strike for some reason.

    Let's give this a try:

    Impostsible - the unattainable task of some postmen to get mails to our houses ( sometimes by throwing it into a drain or 'ghok' somewhere)

    By Blogger lion3ss, at 9:45 AM  
  • Waa... I'd love to contribute something, but all my brain power's been harnessed toward exam material right now. :(

    But hilarious you guys... utterly hilarious!

    By Blogger DaisyBoo Blacksheep, at 10:00 AM  
  • yah, saya pun ada problemo dengan blogger semalam, nak post komen pun tak boleh. Anyway, my contribution:

    Buayat: Female version of the legendary Buaya. Admit it, Buayat's do exist! ;)

    By Blogger Buaya69, at 10:41 AM  
  • It wasn't streamyx but it was blogger that was down.

    I'm not very creative. can't think of a word for the challenge now.

    By Blogger Nectar, at 11:39 AM  
  • Pokku, sometimes I'd refresh the blogspots page and it usually works the second time around.

    BTW, induhvidual is also used extensively in Dilbert's e-newsletter :)

    Leen @ xanga.com/ashburn

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 PM  
  • Last week was my turn.I can't access my typepad.com via streamyx.However, I can access it via my jaring a/c.Now,it is okay for both.

    By Blogger Mohd Adib Noh, at 2:11 PM  
  • in light of the miffs we're hearing:

    BLOGGRR = the sound made by blogs-owners shut out from their blogs yesterday or whenever else.

    mek yam

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:13 PM  
  • Suggestment : Combination of a suggestion and also a statement ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

    By Blogger hyelbaine, at 5:00 PM  
  • Thanks Lion3ss, Buaya, Yam and Hyelbaine. Good ones!
    As for the blogger thisng, I thought of "blodged" to describe blogs getting stuck.
    To Nectar, Pak Adib and Leen,: Thanks for making me feel better. I wasnt alone.
    Daisyboo: Wait until you get the exams out ofthe way. Then you get creative.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 11:59 PM  
  • LOL! Disqualified? That's not fair. What about Dopeler Effect then? :)

    By Blogger Kri, at 3:47 AM  
  • Kri: Dopeler Effect comes fcrom the original "Doppler".
    the second P was changed to E and it becomes DOPEler.
    Dope is of course another word for stupid, hence the definition.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 4:21 AM  
  • Disqualified... ???!!!
    Bang Bust,
    Which rules didn't I adhered to?
    or nih mesti your unwritten rule.....

    By Blogger rewang, at 4:10 PM  
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