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Saturday, October 16, 2004
An old riddle goes like this:
"What goes crick in the middle of the fashion show?"
Answer: Japanese cameras.

Japanese cameras are legendary whatever their sound. Their English translation and writing are something else. Someone has collected examples of the "Engrish" and put them together on a site.
If you do not have much time to spare, just click Recent Discoveries.
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  • hahaha...thanks for the link. It's a great laugh indeed ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

    By Blogger hyelbaine, at 9:52 PM  
  • Nothing to laugh at the site. There is no Engrish but I can see only Inkglish

    By Blogger mwt, at 9:58 PM  
  • It has arrived at shores too. I was at a friend's warung a couple of months back when my coffee was served by a sweet girl in proper Muslim scarf and all but her t-shirt read "F*ck off, you stupid wankers!"

    By Blogger Kri, at 4:15 PM  
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