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Monday, October 11, 2004

Rodong is Terengganuspeak for friend as in saing rodong (companions and friends). I was in KLCC last Saturday sending Mimi (my youngest daughter) and her cousin Samarra to the Dewan Philharmonik Petronas for a choir workshop. We got there by cab. Mimi grumbled that it would be faster by LRT but I didn't have enough sleep and I know I would get sick on the LRT. I had no problems with express trains like the KLIA Express but the "stop and go" LRT makes me mabok (train-sick, not drunk). Anything that makes me sit sideways instead of facing the direction of travel will make me sick.

So, there I was in KLCC with 3 hours to kill. After depositing Mimi & Samarra with Miss Saw, I did some window shopping in Suria. As usual, I forgot to bring my leaking fat pen to be repaired. That was the 3rd time. I did remember to ask the Motorola kiosk salesperson about the E380 USB data cable. The guy tried to give me a RS323 serial cable, insisting that it will work with my phone. He changed his mind and convictions quickly when I took out my phone and showed him that the size of my phone cable socket and the size of his serial cable plug. Then he rummaged in his show case and came with a USB cable that interfaced well with my phone socket. The price tag said RM190. I said no and left. I saw a cable I wanted on lelong.com for RM.20.

Then, after just a curry puff for breakfast earlier, I began to feel hungry. I also felt a bit lonely in the throngs of shoppers, tourists and schools rombongan. I phoned a friend and told him where I was. He told me that he would take his wife there later and would call me then. I decided to wait for him at Aseana. They provided ashtrays there and they have keropok lekor. The keropok is not as good as those sold by Mok Nik Awang Itang in Paya Tokber but it is a cut above those than you usually find in Kuala Lumpur. I didn't order keropok lekor though. My remaining teeth felt up to Aseana's chicken porridge or the cucur (fritters). Unfortunately, I came at the wrong time. Both were not available. Porridge is only available after 3 pm and if I heard right, the cucur is only sold on weekdays. I ordered Thai Chicken Salad, a cup of coffee and warm water (air mati in Terengganuspeak). The drinks came first and the coffee got cold by the time the salad came.

While waiting I did some people-watching. There was a steady stream of people going in and out of the Mandarin Oriental next door. I came to the conclusion that aesthetically some ladies shouldn't wear tight jeans if they don't have the right derriere to match. But that is one old man's opinion.

I soon ran out of people to watch, chicken meat to gum and cigarettes to smoke though not necessarily in that order. I paid my bill and went downstairs to get a pack of cigarettes. As I was going out, I was accosted by a survey-taker who promised me an umbrella if I answered some questions. I sat down and she asked me if any member of my family is involved in advertising, marketing or the media. I truthfully answered yes. End of questions and no umbrella.

Since I had some more time to kill, I decided to activate my GPRS at the Maxis Center. There were only 4 people ahead of me and after about 20 minutes I was attended to by a Miss Eu who was pleasant and helpful. It helps a lot when you are easy on the eye and knows your stuff. Before you call me an unconscious old man (orang tua tak sedar diri), I better stop.

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  • Make that two old men's opinion. I'm so glad that the leotard craze didn't last very long on our streets.

    By Blogger Kri, at 1:44 AM  
  • The next time you are at KLCC,just call or sms me.I will be there for teh tarik with you.
    My hp # will be sent to your personal email.

    By Blogger Mohd Adib Noh, at 7:44 AM  
  • One thing about ASEANA though, the service can be quite slow. Found a shop selling all things Terengganu where I stay. Needless to say NKN and I frequent Jalamas every weekend for our dosage of laksang, nasi kapit sambal and nasi dagang.

    Next time you are bored and restless in KLCC, just call. Provided it is a weekday!

    By Blogger lion3ss, at 12:09 PM  
  • I've got a friend, he registered his company as 'Sign Roddome Sdn. Bhd.' or Enterprise. Could not recall.

    When asked the meaning of it...he simply answered ' Untuk saing-saing rodong....'.


    the beauty of Terengganu language...

    By Blogger d'arkampo, at 2:48 PM  
  • Ahem... Pok Ku. Were you, by any chance, staring at women's derrier's? *raised eyebrows* Hehehe... Just remind me never to wear my hipsters if I ever meet you, okay?

    By Blogger DaisyBoo Blacksheep, at 3:45 PM  
  • and the main agenda of the day was Ms Eu, right? *wink wink*

    By Blogger Buaya69, at 4:47 PM  
  • LOL..i can imagine when u said about ladies in jeans. i can picture u 'meticulously studying' the ladies thats passing by..

    A word of comfort for Daisyboo, i've survived the jeans test without knowing about it. LOL... i only knew about it when i was talking to him. he would froze in the middle of a conversation ( i thought he was going to have a seizure, heheh heheh, pardon me uncle.. but i really did thought u were going to have one)he would stare intently at this female moving figure, i'd say judging and admiring the exquisite scenary till he is satisfied or till the person moved out of sight.LOL...

    Daisyboo, if u got it, shake it honey.... the only thing he can do is stare at it... he cant slap nor bite ya..LOL. He might come out with a special blog, dedicated to your most 'outstanding' performance.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:13 PM  
  • ha ha ha ... it takes me a few minutes to racall the "saing rodong" and now got it!. Longggg time not heard about the word after grandmother pass-away. I think my father & mother didn't use it anymore.

    Thanks for remembering me the classic word.

    By Blogger mba, at 7:12 PM  
  • Mmm speaking of keropok lekor, being from the east coast (kuantan to be exact), the spell of the sizzling limp/crispy (depending on your taste) with a side dish of thick cili is enough to make the heart pound, add into the concoction a bowl of cendol with red beans and you're in 7th heaven. I still haven't found really good keropok lekor in kl but I'm longing for the one back home as I'm stuck in Sabah :)

    By Blogger Kervin, at 10:38 PM  
  • Dear Pok Ku,
    I have been a silent follower of your blog since the t-blog time. Really enjoyed your writings & early in the morning everyday without fail I would click to my "Favorites'" to check your updates. I'm from Pahang and all this while I thought that the word rodong is exclusive to Pahang folks particularly Temerloh.My father is from Kerdau you see. Anyway, I think you have a lot more fans out there more than you can imagine. Keep posting!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:59 AM  
  • Hmm ... SamaRa and I had a good time at the MPO workshop. If you saw the cable on the internet, why didn't you buy it? haha ... of all places you go to Aseana. Should've tried the food court upstairs daddy o. Ciauz!

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 10:50 PM  
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