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Friday, October 15, 2004
Eden Roc

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A long time ago, I got to go to Cannes, in the French Riviera, twice a year to attend the MIPTV (the International TV Programs Market). One year it coincided with the fasting month.

Islam allows musafir (travelers) not to fast under certain conditions but we must replace the equivalent number of days some other time. Some of the Malaysians decided to fast anyway. Believe me; it takes a lot to puasa in Cannes that year.

First, there was the visual cubaan (trial).

Our apartment was quiet a walk from the Palais de Festival where the MIPTV was (and still is) held every year. The walk took us very near the beach where fresh sand were transported by the lorry loads, dumped on the rocky beach and smoothed over by bulldozers. The beach is not free. Those in front of the big hotels like Carlton reserved their part of the beach for their hotel guests or paying customers. Some of these guests go topless and might be hazardous to fasting Muslims striving to collect full marks. Ditto for having to watch countless uncensored TV programs over several days. I would elaborate further but is the fasting month.

On another day, we were invited to dinner at the famous Eden Roc Restaurant which I used to read about in novels. The restaurant is next to the equally famous Hotel Du Cap. This grand old hotel needs to be booked 12 months in advance. This is where the Hollywood stars stay during the famous Cannes Film Festival. Our host that night was the National Basketball Association people. The view was fantastic. We were on a cliff overlooking the sea and we could see the setting sun. Dish after dish came but still the sun didn't set. The sun finally slinked below the horizon after 9 o'clock-long after dessert was served. We gulped the Volvic mineral water and went home to Maggi mee which a friend brought from Malaysia.

What if one of these years, puasa falls in summer and you are in the Land of The Midnight Sun?

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  • Can't imagine. I guess you just have to tough it out.
    But on the flip side, if you missed any days, you could arrange to ganti puasa during the winter ;)

    By Blogger elisataufik, at 2:33 PM  
  • That's what I call willpower! Bravo!

    By Blogger mdmafia, at 3:38 PM  
  • ish ish ishhh...cubaaaannnnnn... i envy your will power. i might have given up after the first course! :P

    Cheers!!! :D

    By Blogger hyelbaine, at 6:16 PM  
  • June 1985, I was in Hertford, a liitle town abt 25km north of London. Puasa falls on the longest the of the year, buka posa at 9.30pm, Imsak at abt 2.30am. We still posa, cos we didn't look at the watch but we just focus on the sun rise & sun set. :)

    By Blogger Jane Johan, at 6:15 AM  
  • Hmmm... I always DID wonder about that! I mean c'mon... it's doesn't make any sense for people to posa for a whole 3 months innit??!?

    By Blogger DaisyBoo Blacksheep, at 8:03 AM  
  • Thank God that all the while I was in England, puasa falls during winter. That was a bless. For those yang nak ganti...pastinya akan ganti segera.

    Anyway Uncle I really like your blog. It is Classy.

    When I grow up, I want to have a blog like yours. Yay!

    By Blogger Lollies, at 10:55 PM  
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