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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Today is Raya Nang.

In Tepoh, Padang Kemunting, Maras, Darat Batu Rakit, Kuala Ibai and numerous other places in Terengganu, Raya Nang is celebrated more than 1st Syawal. There willl be tapey (tapai) orgies and endless parade of baju kurung in multitudes of colours.

It is not just celebrated by ladies of menstrual age replacing their hemorrhaging days but by Muslims of both sexes who went the extra mile by fasting the extra 6 days. They are deemed to have fasted the whole year.

To fast the mandatory puasa Ramadhan is already tough to some. To fast while celebrating Hari Raya (except on the 1st day of Hari Raya when fasting is forbidden) is tougher still. Imagine fasting while watching your friends and guests gobbling the ketupat and rendang. To these people who puasa nang, it takes a lot of will power and faith. I take off my piah lembik to them.

Of course Puasa Nang is not confined to Terengganu alone. It is practised by Muslims all over the world although it is not obligatory. If you do not need to replace your puasa immediately, you don't have to puasa nang. People who fast the extra six days are the special Muslims who go above and beyond the call of duty so to speak.

One of them is my former boss, Hj IH. He never fails to fast the extra 6 days every Syawal. Someone told him that because his eyebrows nearly merged into one (like Leonid Brezhnev's) he is not going to live long. But I doubt that is the reason he is a God-fearing man. I have never met anyone who is so bent on being a good Muslim. After retirement, this gentleman imported and sold artificial flowers. A relative of his bugged him to no end by going around telling people in jest that my former boss "makan duit bunga".

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  • Bukang senang nok puase nang. Banyok cabaghang.

    By Blogger Nectar, at 1:36 AM  
  • Pokku:

    Selamak Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin

    & Selamak Raya Nang too.

    In Kelantan & Kedah, there are a lot of people who celebrate 'raya nang' (rayo nae in Kelantan dialect) Most of `tok guru` and `pondok' people do this and like u said it is more 'meriah' that 1 syawal. I still can't resist temptation to start fasting straight away on 2nd syawal. Here, if is much easier to posa nae since the maghrib is around 4 pm nowadays. Many thanks for blogging on this.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:36 AM  
  • Err.. PokKu, if raya 1 syawal was on sunday, isn't 'raya nang' should also be on the next sunday? Mon-Tues-Wedn-Thurs-Fri-Sat, posa nang, then baru raya on sunday?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:52 AM  
  • Kite baghu nok stark pose nang, deme nok ghaye nang doh... Oghang London ghaye nang (Sabtu), oghang Msia esok (Ahad). ;-)

    By Blogger Jane Johan, at 8:57 AM  
  • Pok Ku,

    Nak tanya sikitlah, 'nasi telur' ni masakan orang Terengganu ka? Tahun ni tak sempat lagi gi rumah Yeng. Teringat last year dia ada buat nasi telur jugak.

    Sedap betul.

    By Blogger Aku Tak Reti, at 10:04 AM  
  • Pokku:

    Reading yr entry again make me miss tapae... esp tapae beras (in Kelantan two version , one is beras pulut & another is beras nasi dagang).. does anyone know the recipe of tapae?..maybe I should ask my wife to try it. some people said the petua of making tapae is tokleh royat kor oghe lain.. kalu tidak tak manis... does anyone ever find tapae in UK?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:38 AM  
  • Nectar: Beto, beto! Banyok cabghang sungguh.
    SK: Congrats! Hope you had a good raya. As for the tapae, it is just a matter of getting the right yeast (ragi). Even though you cannot get the right leaves in UK, I have seen tapae made in tuperwares unless you can get some daun jambu laut from Kew Gardens.
    Any tapae expert out there that can help SK?
    Pasir Panjang & Honeytar: You are right. Pok Ku silap haribulang doh. Posting was one day early. Heheh.
    Aku Tak Reti: Pok Ku tak pernah dengar tentang nasi telur ni. Mungkin bukan masakan asli Terengganu (nasi Terenganu semua betina, tak bertelur). Ada sesiapa yang boleh tolong cerita pasal nasi telur ni?

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 12:14 PM  
  • i had a hard time figuring out what is 'puase nang'..rupe2 nyer its 'puasa enam'..(^^)

    By Blogger najwa ab patah, at 9:21 PM  
  • lots of orang terengganu are celebrating raya nang today (sunday)and there are openhouses everywhere. some villagers in maras, batu rakit darat, tepoh and within that mukim celebrate raya nang at cemetery / kubur orang tua especially. the whole village goes to kubur and having picnic with tapae and tupat palah (ketupat daun palas)! and my friend's mother managed to make thousands RM selling tapae (daun getah)during ramadhan in gondang! it's a good business! dear londoners..if you really miss tapae, i can ask tips from her to prepare tapae in tupperware! and if you are in kuala terengganu, you are welcome to celebrate openoffice (sort of openhouse)at my office in kuala ibai (next to Qurata Resort / masjid terapung). we will be serving tapae specially prepared by this gondang makcik! it will be this thursday 25 nov 04 from 11am to 5pm. dont forget your baju melayu / piah lembik and baju kurung!

    By Blogger hj embong, at 5:04 PM  
  • Guess I'm one of the weaker folks who'll never get round to doing the extra six days judging by the way I was dozing off everywhere from day 1 of Ramadan. Taking off my kepiah lembik too to those who can.

    By Blogger Kri, at 7:16 PM  
  • Aku Tak Reti & Pok Ku: I am not sure whether the nasi telur originates from Terengganu, but what I know is we have been serving that for raya for the past 12 years or so. It is something like nasi kuning, but with scrambled eggs inside. And you eat it with ayang masok meroh and acor timung..sometimes acor nenas.

    By Blogger lion3ss, at 8:29 AM  
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