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Thursday, January 03, 2008
The last Friday of 2007 was spent in the delightful company of AG, Kak Teh, Hj. Halim, Azman Musa (brother of Dr. Bakri), Wak Sabihin and Razak. While escorting AG and Kak Teh to the recently moved surau at Megamall for the asar prayers, Razak complained that we missed zohor. I felt guilty for a moment until I remembered that both of us already performed the Jumaat prayers together. We old people all had brain farts from time to time. I had one the next day when I forgot that it was the day for my grandson Akiff's aqiqah. A phone call from his mother averted a severe no-show.
Akiff went through his rites of passage easily. In fact he did it with his eyes closed. I suspect that Akiff will be a pilot one day. He has this thing about altitude. He is okay when I stand up while carrying him but he will make noise as soon as I sit down.
For the benefit of aunties and cousins far far away, here is a slide show of the day.

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