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Monday, November 19, 2007
We all have 24 hours in a day but we also have people who make us waste part of the hours.
I wanted to believe that after 50 years of nationhood, we would have gotten rid of "Malaysian Time" (also known in Indonesia as Jam Karet - the rubber time). It turned out that I am too optimistic. Malaysians still cannot be punctual.

It is not just weddings or kenduris that started late. Meetings and even airlines do not take off on time. Yet they chose one of this airlines as Airline of The Year. I forgot, airlines are never late. They are just "retimed".

Last Friday, DBKL called all the owners of the units in Vista Angkasa for a briefing on the forthcoming Joint Management Commitee. The letter clearly stated 8.00 pm. In spite of a bad fever, I hauled myself to the meeting a few minutes before 8. 30 minutes after 8, they were still positioning the projector screen. Drat, they made us penunggus again. The briefing finally started at 8.55 pm. Now, here is the thing that got my goat. Nobody seems to realize that they started late and nobody apologized. That's when I did something that I hate to do. I reminded them that they were late and nobody apologized.

I got my apology but I wasted 55 minutes of my time.

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