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Sunday, September 09, 2007
I had the chance to join fellow Malaysians and fellow bloggers in offering prayers for Tun Dr. Mahathir this evening at the Blog House in Bukit Damansara. After maghrib prayers and doa , leaders of other religions offered prayers for the speedy recovery of the Tun. Dato' Paduka Marina Mahathir spoke to the gathering at the end of the prayers. Visibly moved, she thanked everyone and gave an update on her dad's progress.
The food was worth lining up for. The caterer is part of Zang Toi's diversification. The guests could not finish all the food. Waste not, want not. So Nuraina sped off to get some containers from the nearby supermarket and we tapau some food home. One young blogger told me that he would not have to buy dinner for the next 5 days.

President of All-Blogs chatting with some high-profile bloggers.

Ancient Mariner dispensing wisdom to a young blogger.

The audience in prayers or listening.

Despite being planned in a hurry (2 days), the event went well. Congratulations to the organisers and may our prayers be answered. Amin!
(See better pics here)

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