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Thursday, September 06, 2007
In spite of running the risk of freezing his brain in the Siberian cold, this mayor came up with the novel idea of improving the public service. I wish our country, which is not as frigid as Siberia, would adopt the idea. How many times have you heard "I don't know" from people that are supposed to know. It is their job to know. If you ask Mok Long Selamoh about Quantum Physics or about the validity of an A.P. and you get a "I don't know", Mok Long Selamoh should be forgiven. If you ask Mok Long Selamoh what is the best way to cook "Ikang Lemmoh" she would rattle off a few dishes that would do justice to the fish.
Similarly, if you ask a Chief Clerk in the Land Office about your application to convert your land he should be able to tell you where your file is now languishing. "I don't know" is not acceptable. The same goes for ministers when asked about matters under his ministry.

So, the next time a salesperson, an airline counter person or a government employee responded to your query with "I don't know", tell the person how lucky he/she is NOT to be in Siberia. Avoid the urge to send the said person to Siberia. Then politely tell the knowledge-handicapped employer to go and find out unless of course the guilty is a politician. In this case, wait for the next election and vote in a more knowledgeable person.

(Clip from THE STAR, 6th September 2007)

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