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Monday, July 30, 2007
At the LCCT International Arrival a few hours ago, I chose the Green Lane when going through Customs. As required, I put my luggage through the x-ray machine. The Customs Officer manning the monitor must have a great shock to see bras, panties and other feminine stuff. He did not see anything that is supposed to belong to a man. He was a professional and kept a very straight face. I guessed he has seen many strange things before.

I am a very straight person and cross-dressing is never a thing of mine. I wish I had the time to explain that to the nice Customs Officer. I would have told him that my own suitcase was overweight and I was travelling on an earlier flight, separate from my family. Instead of paying for excess baggage, I checked in my daughter's suitcase and they could share the excess weight.

I am sorry if I gave you a shock or unbridled imagination.

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