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Monday, June 11, 2007
Alhamdulillah, I am back. I thank those commentators nice enough to care and prayed for my speedy recovery. Thank you and God Bless You.The cough is almost gone but the cold lingers on and I am learning how to breathe fresh air again. I am too broke to buy expensive cigarettes. Even though there are some cigars ( and Sabah cheroots) within reach, I am giving fresh air a try. Just like the Terengganu administration is trying very hard to improve its workforce.

First they locked in the servants (civil or otherwise) to prevent wastage of time at coffee-shops and warongs. Today I read about Spycams being installed to watch the servants of this Darul Iman (the state of faith). Is this another effort at improving delivery or is it related to the earlier announcement? Spycams to see who took extra sugar at the coffee corner?

Before the advent of IT, countless tok guru like Haji Awang Rusila, Hj. Mat Lito, Hj Wang Hassang and many others, when mengajo (teaching) in between prayers would tell us that God watches our every move. People of faith in the state of Darul Iman disciplined themselves as every faithful should. Even without cameras snooping on them, the faithfuls would never sneak a bite of the belebat pisang during fasting hours.

Would the spycams improve the delivery system? Would the snooping made them pay up the cost of acquiring our land? It has been more than 6 months since we agreed on the quantum and the road for which part of our land was acquired is almost ready but our money is nowhere to be seen. Would the delay be the same if the matter was related to the Monsoon Cup? Together with the publicity for the Monsoon Cup, I saw another slogan in Terengganu - "Tiada Halangan, Hanya Peluang" (No obstacles, only opportunities). Now, use your spycams to see what's holding up our payment.

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