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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Yesterday I received an email inviting me to list my blog as part of the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project. I promised the sender I will blog about it and asked for some additional info. I could not wait for the response and decided to go ahead with this post.

Basically the project is about listing all the blogs in Malaysia (or blogs with a Malaysian slant) under various categories. So if you blog about the wisdom of our ministers or the wisdom of wearing underwear or even minsters not wearing underwear, you can submit your blog. Nothing new about this. We have blog aggregators before and some are still around like Project Petaling Street and the SOPO Directory. I was on the SOPO list for a while. I wondered why. I am not Socio-Political. Maybe I am a sociopath. The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project will be more than a blog aggregator though. It has a contest for bloggers as well as for blog readers. With many sponsors available, it also promises to hold gatherings and workshops for bloggers. Hmmm, All-Blog promises to do these too (without sponsors yet), don't they?

Anonymous bloggers are warned that you cannot remain anonymous when submitting your blog for listing although you are assured of your anonymity as far as the reader is concerned. The mail I received promised not to let any ministers peek at the database which includes your personal particulars such IC number, address and phone number.

The project is under I-Star and you must join MStar Online to participate. Only a nickname, password and a valid email is required to join MStar Online.

Should you join? As my friend Daud would say "Clap chest, ask appetite."

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