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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
My apologies to people with slow connection.
Last Friday I was invited on a trip to Kota Kinabalu originally for a meeting. I have been to KK numerous times before but I discovered new things on every trip. This is the first time that I see a square island. At 35,000 feet, I could not find out the name of the island:
We left KL very early to catch the 7.30 am flight to KK and some friends who did not have proper breakfast wanted their morning tea before lunch so the bus took us to a restaurant in Sembulan where I found this lempar (rhymes with gempar). It looks like our pulut udang or pulut lepa but instead of udang or fish, the glutinous rice roll has beef serondeng inside. It is delicious and filling. It costs 70 sen each. I was told that it originated in Ceribon Indonesia.
We attended the Friday prayers at Mesjid Negeri, KK. The mosque is very creative. Those not in the main hall can follow the khutbah (sermon) on the screen provided. The other mosque, Mesjid Bandaran in Likas uses the sea surrounding the mosque to rear fish. Makes you want to exclaim "Holy Mackerel!"
We had lunch at the posh Magellan Sutera Harbour. It was a scrumptious multicourse Chinese lunch. Some people, not used to Chinese courses complained that the rice was served too late. So the ever-accommodating hosts made sure there were pots of rice when we had dinner at the seafood center next to our hotel. We had prawns, shellfish, crabs, sea snails, fish and Sabah veggie. We did not have indigestion.
I had mental indigestion when I saw this signboard back at our hotel:

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