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Monday, March 19, 2007
This is not really a continuation of "Music Power" but Allahyarham Dato' Zainal Alam's song "UNDILAH" (in several languages) is an example of "Song Power". It did a lot to get public to vote. At that time, the first ever General Election in Malaya, I was not entitled to vote yet. I enjoyed the song on radio and also on the open air screen of Jabatan Penerangan. Later on (very much later) I met Dato' Zainal Alam in person and he taught me other songs.

Voting is not only your right as an adult citizen but also your responsibility. I missed voting in the last two General Election and I am not going to be irresponsible and miss the next one.

In order to vote, one must register first. You can register at any computerised Pajabat Pos (Post Office) or the nearest Election Commision's branch office. You can go to their webpage to get the addresses.

If you think you have registered and need to check your registration, go directly here and key in your IC number. If you are already registered, the page like this will come up:

You will then know where you will be voting. If you have moved to a different area and wants to vote in your new area, you have to contact SPR to make the necessary changes. Make sure you have notified the Registration Department of the change of address first. My kids overseas can still vote in their registered constituency via postal vote if they cannot come back.

For first time voters, do register and exercise your right to vote. Your vote counts. Instead of just ranting and raving, grouching and grumbling in your blog, in your block or in your bilik, go register and vote. Not everyone in the world can vote so do not waste the opportunity. When I was in China and asked how often Malaysians have elections, I told them about every five years. They were sympathetic. They told me "We have election evely night".

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