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Monday, March 05, 2007
Page 12 of The SUN today (Monday) reported that UN Chief Ban Kimoon said "Climate change threat as big as war". I read that after watching the Oscar-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" hosted by "the former Next-President", Al Gore.

I am not a fan of Albert Gore but in the documentary, he talked sense. He gave visual proofs and I agreed with him. Had he been President of the USA, he would have ratified the Kyoto Protocol and United States would discharge less pollutants into the atmosphere. On a positive note, there are individual states in USA taking measures to slow down global warming.

It is getting warmer than usual even in Malaysia. I am sure you have noticed. It might be cool to holiday in Cameron Highlands but the place is not that cold anymore. If you have been monitoring the news, you will remember the heat wave in Europe and USA recently as well as the "freaky weather" hitting parts of the world. Students do not believe their Geography teachers any more. The weather nowadays contradicts the Geography books. Al Gore attributed all these to global warming. Global warming is melting glaciers and polar ice caps and soon the sea level will rise inundating the lower parts of the earth.

You have to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" to understand more about the causes and effects of global warming. I heard that it will be in your neighbourhood theatres this week. Then you go to its official website to learn more about the impending disaster and how you can help to avert it. The next time you feel panah so oh (very hot), instead of just hitting the air cond remote (in your seluo katok and wife beater or kemban)or heading to the nearest shopping mall, you will also have a definite plan of what you and your family can and should do so that your grandchildren will not have to live like the kids in "Waterworld".

10 Things You Can Do To Stop Global Warming.

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