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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Last weekend Mimi dragged me to Tasik Titiwangsa to get a ride on "The Eye On Malaysia". Jalan Kuantan was already jammed so we took Jalan Temerloh instead. That meant a very long walk to the ferris wheel site.
You would be forgiven if you thought that the whole of Kuala Lumpur was in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa that night. Malaysians of various shapes and sizes lined the lake's edge and there were two very long lines at the Ticket Booth. TV Smith, whom I suspect frequented Taman Tasik Titiwangsa every night told me the next day that the queue was the longest that he has ever seen. As far as I can see, most of the visitors are local. There was an Iraqi family in front of us but they are not tourists. They live in KL. The Mat Salleh in TTT that night were the ones in the water, part of the Water Sky Show. I found that a bit odd. This is a Visit Malaysia Year and there are Mat Sallehs (of both sexes) performing. The Eye of Malaysia website trumpeted that the performers are part of the team that did stunts for Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible" and they have performed on 3 continents.

The Iraqi lady asked me if there was going to be a fireworks display that night. Being "blurry" myself, I just replied "InsyaAllah". We were lucky that there was a pyrotechnic show that night. I was a bit slow after standing for a very long time and missing my dinner that I missed a lot of shots. I got these though:

After standing for over 90 minutes we finally got to board one of the gondolas with 5 other people. Each gondola seats 8 normal-sized people. The view was nothing to rave about. You would get a much better view atop Menara KL. As a novelty, I supposed it was worth the long walk and the long wait.

Adults are charged RM15 per ride of about 15 minutes. People with less teeth like me pay only RM8. They did not even ask me to show my Mykad or my teeth.

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