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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
This morning found me a bit harried after receiving a phone call from my friend Chin. He was on his way to pick me up to attend a press conference in Angkasapuri. I am not a member of the Fourth Estate but my friends and I were invited as RTM Veterans and Radio RTM is launching new programmes. One of them is “Masih Kah Kau Ingat” featuring former Radio personalities like Zainaldin Zainal and Nooramin.

The function was rescheduled an hour later although we were not informed about it. The veterans that came on time (Dato’ Aziz Singah, Osman Hafsham, Rokiah Hj. Ramlan, Helan Abu, Halijah Buang, Zainal Din, Nooramin, Chin and yours truly) were taken to a studio and told to record a brief message for the “50 Tahun Merdeka” campaign. My very brief message was for everyone to be less selfish and think of the people and the Nation.

I left the studio after recording my message and wanted to go out to the lobby but I could not open the door because I did not have the electronic security pass. Chin gave me a lift because he knew from past experiences that my face could get us past the security guards and the barrier at the gate. I do not know how much longer my face will be valid but I do know that my face is useless when faced with an electronic door. I had no choice but to put on a “muka kesian” and asked a young lady who was working in the conference room at the end of the corridor to use her pass and let me out.

While waiting for the function to function, er, start, another group of veterans arrived. They were friends who are now having fun playing music all over Malaysia as the “Z Band” ( Alan Zechariah, Kamal Deen, Vincent Seetho and Noornikman Dadameah). Anyone needing Oldies/Evergreens/Rock n Roll can contact Alan. At alanzxxx@yahoo.com .You will not be disappointed I assure you.

I, on the other hand, was disappointed at the poor turnout at the radio programmes launch. There were lots of empty seats in Auditorium P. Ramlee today. Where are the potential sponsors? Where are the people behind the programmes? There were not many from the Press either. Anyway, I am glad to note that there will be new programmes from all the stations that I headed before. Two new programmes from KLfm set me guessing though. They will be having “Panasssssss KLfm” which I was made to understand is a “gossip” show. RTM is giving credence to gossips? I could not get to talk to the Klfm Head Honcho because he was not present today but I hope that the programme is a positive one in whatever way it can be. The other offering by KLfm is the “Malindo” slot where more Indonesian songs will be played. This, as explained by the Deputy Director General of Broadcasting is partly to cater to the sizeable number of Indonesians listeners in Kuala Lumpur. I reserved my comments.

We were later entertained by the various broadcasters from all the stations in Wisma Radio (except the Overseas Service). Some of them can really sing. Some can dance and the guy from Traxx can really rap.

When I came home, I found the invitation card in my mail box. To be fair, it wasn’t RTM’s fault that it came after the function. The invitation was postmarked 19 Jan 2007.

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