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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Today, after a pleasant 2 hours introducing the computer to an older pc-illiterate friend, I read that Rocky and Jeff Ooi are being sued for what they wrote on their blog.

I do not know Rocky personally and I have met Jeff only on 3 occasions. I read their respective blog regularly. I may not agree with them all the time but I admire their forthrightness. Even though I am not in the same league as them, as a blogger I regard them as fellow-bloggers.

As a blogger albeit a non-confrontational one, I am very concerned about the freedom to blog and the freedom of the Internet. As a citizen, I believe in the rule of law. I have not given up hope on Justice and Fair Play despite happenings which pointed otherwise.

I do not know much about law. I did learn a bit about Libel, Copyright etc. when I was learning Media Management in Australia. I wish I was a lawyer so that I can defend our fellow-bloggers and our right to Free Speech as law-abiding citizens. As it is now, I can only support fellow-bloggers in any way I can. You should too. Believe me, it will affect you.

Read about Libel here.

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