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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Watching the news tonight, I caught the item on the Police cracking down on schoolboys riding motorbikes without a driving license. Some of the bikes themselves were not licensed (no road tax and insurance). The parents were shown on TV as very upset people. I suppose when your kids break the law you are allowed to be upset. But I am upset because these parents were miffed that the Police took action. Are we not supposed to be law-abiding citizens and teach our off springs to keep on the right side of the law? Somebody please tell me what is going on?

The same newscast had our Hon. Minister of Health and the Minister Of Entrepreneur and Co-Operative Development talking about fast food. Not at the same time though. Fast food (and the ads) was the news recently. Even the news of the obese boy in UK was related to fast food. He was nearly taken away by the state from his mother.

There are many reasons why fast food is popular. It is consistent. The chicken from KFC Sitiawan tastes the same as the chicken in the SS2 KFC. It is available most everywhere. You cannot say the same thing about Nasi Dagang Cenering or whatever version of mee rebus you swear by. Then there is the snob factor. There is a difference between having a birthday party at A&W/Macdonald etc and at a mamak joint. Why? The neighbourhoodd mamak sells only food and drink. The fast food joint, as screamed or whispered by their ads sell more. Some sell fun, some sell a life-style. Who can beat that?

You can get fat even if you avoid fast food. You just need to learn about balanced diets and healthy life-styles. There are no fast food outlets in Merang or Rhu Renggeh but this does not mean that there are no obese people there. We just need to be discretionary and also not to be swayed by the ads.

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