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Monday, February 26, 2007

Like Chelsea’s Captain, John Terry I was knocked unconscious for a bit. It was not anybody's boot though but by a stressful long drive, slow constipated connection, odd bedtimes (live football matches on TV) and the frustration from searching for English subtitles for Letters From Iwo Jima, the film directed by Clint Eastwood. The film won just one Oscar though.

Clint Eastwood,76 is older than me or any other blogger that I know. Mr. Eastwood ("Go ahead, make my day.") kept pushing himself and raising the bar higher and higher. In spite of his successes, he is not about to retire or stop doing things he loves to do. Does he love sex? I do not know. I would be too shy to ask Mr. Eastwood's partner, Sandra Locke and I am too scared to ask Dirty Harry himself. Whatever it is, I wonder what he would think of this item on page W35 in today's STAR. I could not find the item online, sorry.
How many of you agree with Mr. Chuan Chi?

Some might attribute his limp theory to senility. At 107, Mr. Chi might not remember what sex is. He gave up sex when he was 30 and now he is trying to give up cigarettes. Don't they smoke after sex in Hong Kong even if they did it slowly?

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong, another Terengganu-born blogger is a senior citizen but he still writes letters to the sexy Pam Anderson. I know he will call Mr. Chi nyanyok. Senior citizens are old but they are not dead as the following story will tell you.

There was this counseling session for old people and the counselor asked everyone present how many times they have sex. Some answered once a month, some proudly replied once in a week and a few confessed to having it once in a blue moon. One old man jumped up to tell the group that he has sex only once a year. The counselor then asked why he was so excited then.

His reply was "Tonight is the night!"

Now, without sex or nothing else to look forward to, what is the reason to live for 107 years?