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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Syed Ahmad Akiff Syed Ahmad Faizal came home Monday 12th. His elder brother was not too thrilled with the new arrival. When his Ki (grandpa) asked him whether he would let Akiff be taken away he promptly replied "Yes!".

No doubt Ariff will learn to love and protect his younger brother. They will have fun like any other brothers. InsyaAllah.

Since 3 of Akiff's aunties (Kustamang-side) are overseas and Ayah Da is busy with his new job at 8TV and Cek Na just came back from a gruelling assignment in Kedah, Cek Mi was the first auntie (Kustamang-side) to see him. Cek Mi had to dress up in a hurry thus it looked like she was having a bad hair-day that day and Akiff, like a true gentleman, kept his eyes tightly closed. Akiff would eventually see that Cek Mi is as pretty as his mommy.

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