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Monday, April 09, 2007
I was out of the loop for longer than usual due to constipated computers, intermittent internet and erratic email. I totally missed the historic event, reading about it only a few days later (together with my nasi lemak.) I would have loved meeting up with Zaharin, Pete and other famous bloggers.

Pak Idrus rang me up yesterday to alert me of BUM's gathering. I am not sure if this is NAB's first gathering since the Pro-Tem Committee was set up. I did not need much persuasion and promised to join him and other old farts although I complained a bit about the time. We have to forgo a few minutes of the forum to perform the maghrib prayers,which is short and could not be delayed. This might sound trivial to some, but to us old farts who are closer to the grave, it is a very big deal. I hope there is a suitable place at the Lakeview Club for us to do our solat.

I hope to see you there too. Go here for details.

While I think registering bloggers is stupid, I am all for registering a body for Malaysian bloggers. InsyaAllah, I will join the alliance of bloggers, NAB. My only concern is the acronym BUM. Can we find something other than BUM? Surely we do not want our detractors to call us a bunch of bums. Do not forget that "bum" also means "backside". Is BUM the temporary name for NAB or is it another entity altogether? I hope the official NAB will replace the unofficial BUM. My eldest daughter's blog persona would take on an extra dimension if she is a member. She would proudly spell her name as Mokcik NAB.