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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I was tagged TWICE for the above. Earlier by Nazrah and a few hours ago by Pak Idrus. I am honoured but a bit mystified. My blog did not have that many followers now compared to the aftermath of my winning the Asia Bloggers Award years ago. Most importantly, what I wrote did not need much brainpower - to write or to read. If I were to draw an analogy using food, my blog is not chateaubriand and it is not even nasi dagang. It would be more bronok, the sago-based nondescript dessert but taken any time of the day.

Anyway, thank you for the beautiful thought. As requested, I will list 5 blogs to receive this award. When Nazrah tagged me, I had more than 5 but some have been tagged by Pak Idrus. So here is my list in random order:

Awang Goneng has two blogs of excellence. One, Jalan-Jalan won the Asia Blog Award the year I won it and the other is Kecek-Kecek, a blog about Terengganuspeak and Terengganu. Kecek-Kecek is so good that I dare not write much about Terengganuspeak anymore. In both blogs, Awang Goneng showed us his mastery of the English language and the art of writing. I have been told that, once he started to write, the words will flow unimpeded.

Suanie, contrary to her postings, is a very polite and proper young lady. She can make fun of herself but she also has her serious side if you read her blog. To me, she is a thinker.

Maine is also a thinker and she speaks her mind. I have not met Maine yet although I would love to.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong joined the blogging fraternity after not satisfied just giving comments in Malaysia Today. While seemingly obsessed with Pam Anderson and Michelle Yeoh, CGPD revealed his deep thinking side by comparing the current Iskandar Project agreement with the past Pangkor Treaty.

Awang Dondang, just like Pak Adib is from the East Coast. Just like Pak Adib, Awang Dondang's posts make you think of Allah even when touching on mundane subjects.

So there you are.