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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Old RTM friends (the accent is here is on old- both on the length of friendship and our age) met again for breakfast this morning. We chose Mahbub thinking that we could get the airconditioned room. They did not want to open the room until 10.30 am so we had to have our breakfast outside.We had more friends joining us for the first time this time around like Dato' HJ. Mokhtar Kadir, Ustaz Hj.Noori Ali and Hj. Aziz Abas.
Zabri Adil, Hj. Ayub and Dato' Abdullah honored us with their presence. Hj Ismail Mat who joined last month could not bring other friends from Kg. Pandan. He promised to try harder.
Hj. Safian Ghani came all the way from Shah Alam.
Hj.Helan, the Persatuan Veteran RTM President thinking how cumbersome it would be to have this kind of gathering for the national association. Better to have it informal eh?
Chin Then Shoong made it for "teh tarik" after we have moved to the more private room.
Prayers were offered for friends recently departed.

Surprisingly, the recent pay rise was not the hot topic of conversation. Maybe because we pensioners will only get an extra 7.5%. Syukur Alhamdullillah nonetheless. But I still have to look for more work. More so because the next breakfast will be at Marakecch (The restaurant in Bangsar, not the city). The bulk of the pot collected so far went to pay for today's breakfast. Last month we paid only RM15 for the whole group(8 people, 1 did not eat). Today (16 people, 1 did not eat) we paid 10 times more. Everyone agreed it was worth every sen.

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