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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This smudgy scan is of STARTWO's BOOK article in today's STAR. Could not find the online version. I did however learnt a new word: blook. Blook is what you call a book made out of blog postings. Regular books have the Booker Prize, blooks have the Lulu Blooker Prize.

Apparently there are enough people who likes to curl up with a good blook. The success of Girl With A One Track Mind and PostSecret (you have to google for the respective blog) made publishers (through their editors) trawl the net for blogs worthy of publications as blooks. Now, that is something for politicians-who hate-blogs to think about. It made me smile. You read a book and then you see the movie. Most probably you will see a posting about the movie or the book. Now you might read the blog, then buy the blook and if things are phenomenal enough, you will see the movie.

One thing I am sure of, my blog will not be a blook. With the price of roti canai and milo-ais going up, people will not buy expensive toilet paper.

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