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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
I guessed most bloggers would have read about this.
I am not sure about the "cyber war" part though. Which blog declared war on anyone? Since when is giving your 2 sen's worth an act of war? So you do not agree with the fellow. You declare war?

Everything is about perception. Perception is a matter of belief. Human beings do not see with their eyes. They see with the brain. We have to imagine all the things we 'see'.

For the brain can't access optical views of the outside world.

[the photons we think we see are actually stopped by back of eye - any external photons getting into the brain are just passing through, like hard radiation, cosmic rays etc.]

What does arrive at the brain - is a picture suggested or imagined by the `old' or `lizard' brain, then re-assembled by the brain's own neurons for our `conscious' brain to view.

It's all due to the way we - and all advanced mammals - have to wire-up our brains following birth.
(Go here for more)
Everything makes sense if you are already brain-washed.

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