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Monday, August 20, 2007
With the attention given to integrity and honesty lately, I thought of the ancient Greek who lived in a tub and who, one day, went around Athen with a lamp looking for an honest man. I had a severe brain fart and could not remember his name. I seem to have that kind of problem more often now. I could not recall, in an instant Whoopie Goldberg's name or sometimes my sons-in-law full name until I spend some considerable time in the bathroom where recalls (Total or Partials) seem to be easier. My daughter (not the one having a birthday today) diagnosed it as the onset of senility. I think I inherited it from her.

Anyway, just to scratch the itching nag (not my daughter but the question) I Googled for "The Greek with the lamp" and found out about Diogenes of Sinope. Very interesting reading. Go Google, now that you get the name.

In the process, I stumbled upon this article about a far, far away country. Read it. Replace the name of the country with another that you know and it could still be true. Read it again. You may find some uncanny resemblances. Don't you think so?

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