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Monday, August 13, 2007
When I read about the tummy-ache (and worse) of the students in Kelantan and Kedah, I hummed the late Zainal Alam's song "SUSU". It is a mystery to me (and to the Educational Ministry people) how the tetra-packed UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) milk can be contaminated in those unfortunate schools. I hope this second time around, some answers will be found and some lessons will be learnt.

Meanwhile, I am facing a milk crisis of my own. I have discovered that sweetened condensed milk is being elbowed off the shelf by Sweetened Creamer. My neighbourhood mini-markets tried to palm me creamers instead of condensed milk, twice. Creamers are not milk. They are made from soya bean and other stuff. I have never liked creamers, sweetened or otherwise. I grew up on condensed milk - Susu Chap Junjung, Frisian Flag, Dutch Baby, Gold Coins, Teapot, Blue Cross and lately F&N. Now I can only get my condensed milk from a shop in Jalan Gasing and not at the usual places. Even TMC doesn't stock them. Why? Cows dried up?

If it is a question of price ( it has gone up by 20 cents actually), condensed milk addicts like me would not mind the hike, justified or not. Cigarettes shot up too but I did not see many people giving up cigarettes. Neither do I see shopkeepers trying to pass off ersatz cigarettes as the real McCoy. The existence of ersatz cigarettes is not the question here.

So there I was this morning at DSH Cafeteria, suspecting my Nescafe. Remind me to ask Jiwa Lara whether they used creamer instead of condensed milk.

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