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Monday, October 01, 2007

You might have seen this frog on the news yesterday. Professor Masayuki Sumida and his team from Hiroshima University made a breakthrough by successfully breeding transparent frogs out of mutant albino frogs. It was reported that even the tadpoles are transparent.

Why transparent frogs? The scientists reckoned that the frogs will make biological research less messy and traumatic. You can examine the innards of the frog without having to cut them open. Traumatised science students who had to dissect frogs would appreciate this. Professor Sumida believes in the commercial potentials of the frogs and he is going to patent them.

I am not very sure of the potentials of those frogs other than selling them to queasy science students but I hope to see more transparent politicians and public officials. Maybe some kind princesses will kiss these transparent frogs and maybe they will turn into transparent politicians. We can wish, can't we?