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Monday, September 24, 2007
Many moons ago, we were mulling the idea of a Pondok Polis in our area. Many believed that we do not have much of a chance. Among the reasons given were there is already a Balai Polis nearby and the Police Force is undermanned. Given the blatant disregard for traffic laws around our place every day and night and the offensive offenders not being reprimanded by any law-enforcement officers for the last 10 years, I can believe that there are not enough policemen around. To make up for the lack of numbers, technology was used instead. We had cameras flashing at vehicles crossing when the light is red. It did not last long. There weren't enough film for all the cameras or there were not enough policemen to load the cameras with films. Maybe, considering the advance in digital photography, digital cameras should be used instead.
For people bent on driving the wrong way, NO ENTRY or ONE WAY STREET signs didn't do much good. We need something like this:

This is a new version of the traffic spikes. Drive the wrong way and your tyres will turn to shreds. I will use this gadget to prevent people from coming and parking in my parking lot. First I have to figure out how to reverse the business end of the spikes at will.

I am sure you have more ideas to help our law enforcement officers. With the new priorities of arresting negligent parents and kerepok-lekor loving rioters, they need all the help they can with mundane things like traffic offenders and snatch thieves.

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