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Monday, November 05, 2007
No , I am not talking about the forthcoming UMNO General Assembly but about my grandson Arif and his kindergarten classmates. Yesterday was the year-end Graduation/Concert/Dinner and Arif and his classmates were to present their rendition of "Papa ku Pulang" as the opening act. Minutes before the performance, Arif (together with several of his classmates), like all first-time performers got cold feet and refused to go anywhere near the stage or even the dressing room.His class appeared without him at the start.
Brother Akif and Auntie Mimi naturally were disappointed.
But with patient coaxing from his mummy, Arif conquered his fear and jumped onstage.

Arif stole the show with his new-found confidence. After all, he loves cars.
His dad was proud of him.
And Arif enjoyed watching himself in the video that his dad took.
(To Dial-Up users, sorry folks)