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Saturday, October 13, 2007
If you were a fan of Radio Malaya in the 50s, you would remember "Bangsawan Di Udara" with its unique signature tune that ended with a bell. The program 's producer was Encik Hashim Amir Hamzah (the gentleman with the bowtie below, between a young Adibah Amin and Aziz Ibrahim together with rest of the cast of the hugely popular radio drama serial "Pedang Puaka").Encik Hashim - we never called him Pak Hashim but always Encik Hashim passed away today in the early hours of Syawal. His wife, another notable Radio & TV drama personality, Noraini Hashim passed away a few years earlier.

We mourn the passing of another Malaysian Radio & TV pioneer and our heartfelt condolonces and deepest sympathy to the children and family of Encik Hashim Amir Hamzah. Al Fatihah.