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Monday, December 24, 2007
A few years ago when our residents association held our "Family Day", the then Political Secretary of our wakil rakyat in his speech announced a gift of RM10,000 for our association. Before we could get our money, the Political Secretary moved on to a higher post and nobody else seems to remember the promise. Not being in the political circle, it took me some time to know the current Political Secretary to our YB. When I did, I mentioned the pledge. He could not give us the RM10,000 but he did persuade the Department of Women's Development to give us the amount to hold a seminar on Violence Against Women.

The Commitee of our Residents Association agreed to take up the challenge. My Special Events students would love organising this kind of event and would have no problems pulling it off. Members of our committee were not after passing grades though. Most of them have day job or a business to run. Thus things on the checklist remain undone and there were many bottlenecks on the chart. Deadlines were ignored. Sponsors took time to give an answer and later backed out.

I was up and early on D-Day despite staying up for the football live telecast. By 7.30 am I had my breakfast at the hotel. I saw many ladies of various races coming in. My spirit soared until I found out that they were there for another seminar. They were Shaklee's distributors. I was also told that no VVIP would be coming to officiate because they would be visiting the flood victims. That could be a blessing in disguise. Less protocol means less stress.

Alhamdullillah, by the time our seminar got under way, 72 of the targetted 80 participants came including 20 men. A few more came after lunch. The seminar, according to the participants was a success and they learned many things.
The ladies having their morning tea earlier than planned because of less speeches.

They got nice chairs to sit on...

..but one of the speakers persuaded them to sit on the floor to practise some "ilmu".

If you are reading this on Monday, Awang Goneng and Kak Teh are already in Kuala Terengganu. Pok Daud reported that they arrived in one piece yesterday evening. Awang Goneng is scheduled to be at Radio Malaysia Terengganu today talking about his book and the signing tomorrow. Tomorrow is also Christmas. To my readers celebrating Christmas, go easy on the eggnog and the booze. We do not want you overwhelmed by the spirit and battering your spouse. Merry Christmas!

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