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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
I booked my favourite table at DOME KLCC for a Sunday lunch with Awang Goneng since I would be at KLCC that day for Mimi's choir performance with the MPO. Awang Goneng could not make it and suggested tea on Monday instead.

On Saturday, Pak Idrus vehemently insisted that I show up for lunch at his residence. I didn't bring wine but a copy of S.Effendi CD instead. I am a teetotaller but I did have a pleasant conversation with a young wine merchant who was one of Pak Idrus's many guests. Among the guests was a talkative old gentleman who looked quite familiar to me. I could not place the name to the face until Pak Idrus introduced us. I was both surprised and embarrassed to know that the gentleman is from Terengganu and very close to my parents, my auntie and my cousins. He even married a schoolmate of mine. He also mentioned that my late uncle (mother's side) was brought to Singapore to be schooled there. He remembers things that I have forgotten and he is a good 17 years older than me.

When I mentioned Growing Up In Trengganu, he lamented the fact that despite asking a few people to get the book, he had yet to read the book. So I invited him to meet the author in person and I promised him I will get him a signed copy of the book. He did try to wrest away Pak Idrus's signed copy but the owner is younger and stronger.
I assured the Dato' that he will get his own copy on Monday and as a bonus, meet up with his MCKK schoolmate and fellow Terengganunese, Dato' Wan Nik.

On Monday I picked up Dato' Wan Nik and since we could be delayed by the traffic, I suggested that we use the LRT. It was the first time on the LRT for the first Proton CEO and he thoroughly enjoyed the journey from Taman Jaya to KLCC (and back).

AG, Dato' Omar Khalid, Dato' Wan Nik

Dato' Omar leafing through GUIT and giving his input

This time around AG autographed the book in Jawi.
Dato' Omar is a humorous gentleman and although he is not presently residing in Terengganu, his home state is very close to his heart. He lamented that "Teganung rama orang panda, tapi tadok orang bijok". Try translating that yourself.

When two old friends like these two dato's meet, there are bound to be interesting stories recalled. Enough for AG to start another book. Personalities like Minoh Rakit (a famous lady of the evening), Minggu (the unforgettable usher of Capitol Theatre) and Mamat Pala Kerrah (Kuala Terengganu's most recognizable toughie) were regaled. Secrets inadvertently leaked. These two friends dispensed with protocols and used "mung, aku" with each other throughout the afternoon. Their stories, their banters and their teasings made AG and I roared with unbridled laughter, much to the puzzlement of other DOME customers. I have never seen AG laughed so much that day. Did he laugh that much when he was cooking up Awang Sprong stories?

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