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Monday, December 03, 2007
Not everyone is blessed with the disposition and good sense to take very good care of CDs or DVDs. Some like me do not immediately put the CD or DVD in its cover/case immediately after use. Inevitably, some CDs or DVDs will acquire scratches (coreng in Terengganuspeak) rendering them unplayable or "unloadable".

Many many years ago, when PC Fair was held at PWTC someone sold a small bottle of liquid polish that removed scratches from CDs and DVDs very well. It revived all my scratched Cds and DVDs. When the polish ran out I went all over the place (including PC Fairs) to look for the magic liquid. I could not find it. I could not remember the brand name or whether it had one in the first place. What I could remember was the just a bit bigger than an eye drop bottle was yellow and the liquid was the consistency of car polish. It even smells like car polish. It got me thinking. Maybe it was car polish.

I have got past the stage where I polish my car once a month or even once a year. There was no car polish in the house so I could not immediately confirm my theory. I had to go to the nearest petrol station and bought a bottle of car polish. I am happy to share with you that the car polish did a good job of removing the scratches from CDs and DVDs and made them playable or "loadable" again.

I would suggest that you try the car polish (liquid type, not the wax please) on a CD or DVD that you have given up on. That way, you will not lose any CD or DVD. Tell me if it works though.

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