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Friday, December 14, 2007
Yesterday Awang Goneng, the author of Growing Up In Trengganu had lunch with a few bloggers/fans at DOME, KLCC. First it was only Awang Goneng, Kak Teh, Riza, Helmi (Aku Tak Reti Cakap Omputih), Pak Adib, Mimi and I at around lunch time. We were later joined by Honeytar, Pak Idrus, Jiwa Rasa (all the way from Bukit Mertajam) and Ruby.

We got our copy of Growing Up In Trengganu duly signed by the author after clearing out all the copies in Times Bookstore downstairs. Ruby had to make do with a copy out of Awang Goneng's backpack. Guys, keep the copy under lock and key. It will quadruple in value one day. I heard from a reliable source that the book will be reprinted soon. Way to go Awang!

You can see how happy we were here. Somehow my comments were lost because I am still dok ngoppong (not adept) where JAlbum is concerned. I just downloaded it today. Click the first thumbnail and click the last arrow top right if you want to watch the slide show.

Many thanks to Pak Adib for footing the lunch bill. We wanted to contribute but he insisted on "deflowering" his new Platinum credit card.

You can see the slideshow with comments (and back ground music) here.

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