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Thursday, December 27, 2007
My Dear Pak Idrus,
Even before you phoned me about politicians "gate-crashing" GUIT Signing in Kuala Terengganu, I was already upset. The GUIT Signing do was going on as I was discussing the book with 4 old Terengganu veterans (Dato' Omar Khalid, Dato' Mohd Nor Alias, YM Raja Zainal & his brother YM Raja Iskandar Zahid) over lunch at Cosy Corner, Ampang Park. I got a blow by blow account via handphone from Pok Od. Pok Od, the person assigned to assist Awang Goneng and Kak Teh in Kuala Terengganu had to top up his prepaid phone many times that day.

Let me reassure you that Awang Goneng did not plan for politicians to be a part of the book signing.They were there as part of the general public. They saw the opportunity and they seized it. You cannot blame politicians for that just as you cannnot blame kambing neruk for having very bad BO. AG's disposition towards politicians is probably what he reserved for pizzas, only worse. You only have to read his first blog Jalan-Jalan to be convinced of this. You might like to know that parts of Growing Up in Trengganu first appeared in this award-winning blog. The blog won an Asia Blog Award (Best Political Blog) the same year as Di Bawah Rang Ikang Kering. Although the politicians dealt with in Jalan-Jalan are from a different kettle of fish than the Malaysian variety, I am sure that they smell the same. Rest easy Pak Idrus. What you read in the papers did not give the true picture. Do you know that not even one reporter/journalist(except the STAR) mentioned the significance of holding the signing in Keda Pok Loh Yunang? The big story for them is AG posing with infamous politicians which, knowing AG, I do not think is something desired and desirable.

To TLady who commented in my post, I am all for more people speaking more English as much as I would like more people to learn Trengganuspeak. I would love to help those graduates learn to speak better English as soon as I get some teeth. Right now I am turning into The Meng With The Golden Gums. I still can help though. Where do we do it? In Kuala Terengganu? In KL? Get the logistics ironed out and let me know. First and foremost we must be convinced that those hapless graduates want to learn English as much as they want lawful employment. I believe in A.S.K. (Attitude, Skill, Knowledge). We can impart Knowledge. Knowledge with ample practice will turn into Skill. Nothing can be achieved without the proper Attitude. So make sure that the learners have the right attitude to avoid wasting our time.

Dato' Omar Khalid (a decent English speaker from Terengganu) told Awang Goneng and I that he first learned English by asking "How many o'clock now?" I am sure we can do better.

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