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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Since we have more time today, I thought I would let you spend some time waiting for pictures to download. I took these pictures when I became "tourist guide" to my friend Pok Od who came from Terengganu. Pok Od is interested in getting some bargains to visit Turkey.

A Sri Lankan dancer striking a pose.

Another shot of the Sri Lankan dancers

Shots of the energetic cowgirls and cowboys drawing the crowd's attention to a new Osim's product.

Have a good Ramadhan. If you are fasting, do not look too closely at the pictures.


Monday, September 18, 2006
Ramadhan Al Mubarak is a few days away but already there are marketers advertising "Buka Puasa Specials". When I flipped my daily newspapers this morning while waiting for my usual nescafe tarik, air suam chaser, capati and sardine, out popped a colourful flyer from Pizza Hut with their special offer on their Sate Supreme. I am sure there will be more offers coming our way just as I am sure that there will be an increase in gastritis among Malaysians. I am also sure that some stalls will start dusting and unfurling their canvas covers to hide customers who prefer to have their buka puasa much much earlier.

Fasting during Ramadhan is one of the tenets of Islam. It is compulsory for Muslims once they have reached puberty (automatically or manually). Before this, young children are encouraged to fast as long as they can. Usually the target is half a day. They get to eat at noon until they gradually gather enough willpower complete the whole day. My eldest grandson Adam (seen below at KLIA just before leaving for his pool in Jakarta) went fishing with me one hot sunny day and he was fasting. He was eight years old then. He has been fasting every year without any adverse effect whatsoever. He gets smart with his mother now and then but that is outside the fasting month.

I wonder if Adam would have the willpower to resist this roasted chicken (with oyster gravy) that his aunt Cek Ngah cooked for her own birthday lunch?


Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Once again, it is time we encourage fellow bloggers to do better and give credit and kudos to those who did. This time myrick was given the honour (and also the tedious task) of organizing the awards. I do not envy him.

Please hop to the special Awards page and do your bit. Thank you.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Happy Birthday

I have written a birthday piece for her 2 years ago. It still applies this year.

Love and kisses from everyone here.

(Original Pic by Tengku Adam Saifuddin using his Ki's Olympus E500)


Saturday, September 02, 2006
I know that this post is late although I can offer the excuse that we are still in the Merdeka mood. Officially, the Merdeka mood ends on Sept 16.
I celebrated Merdeka eve at Sunway Lagoon. Mimi was given 5 tickets to the show put up by students of various colleges. She wanted to bring her friend Tanisha Raj along. Since I have never been to Sunway Lagoon before, I agreed to be one of the chaperones.

After dinner we picked up Tanisha and inched our way to Sunway. We were shown to the car park by the security guards. It was a very long walk from the car park to the Sunway Lagoon "beach" where the show was. I was initially glad that I left my camera bag home. The ticket warned us not to bring any recording devices. Mimi insisted that it included cameras. Our fears were unfounded though because even though bags were thoroughly checked, cameras were allowed. I saw many people snapping away at the event. I kicked myself for not being able to photograph the microcosm of Malaysia present at the event. There were Malaysians of almost every ethnic origin including some families speaking in thick Indonesian accent. Mimi told me the tickets were RM25 apiece. Many were given free, I guess. I also saw a very sad looking young man in the crowd. Moments later I saw the reason for his downer. He brought his mother instead of his girlfriend. Filial piety above self I guess.

The night confirmed my suspicion that the de facto uniform of teens in Malaysia (and maybe in the world) is tight jeans. One exception that I noticed was a Malay girl in red and gold cheongsam making out with her ajinomoto right there in the crowd. I snapped a quick pic of them with my handphone but I would not share that with you. I will however, share with you the short video of the night's fireworks display taken by 14 year old Tanisha Raj.