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Saturday, May 09, 2015
My last post, in May 2011, mentioned that my ex-pupils might not remember me after all these years. I was wrong. Most of them do remember me still while I forgot most of them. One of them started a WhatsApp group and tracked down a few teachers including me.
I was surprised that there is a number of my ex-students living in the Klang Valley. Being a curious old coot, I suggested a meeting in the Klang Valley. One of the Klang Valley residence happens to be an event organizer thus he and our former Scout Troop Leader started the ball rolling.
We met at a hotel in PJ. I was overwhelmed by the love that exuded from my ex-pupils. They were all successful in their respective fields - top civil servants, top planters, top managers and top crime-fighters. One of them had a hand in creating Malaysia's first atomic clock (go here:mst.sirim.my and adjust your watches and clocks).
They all came not just from around Klang Valley but all the way from Terengganu , Pahang and negeri Sembilan.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I celebrated Teachers Day earlier this year. Alhamdullillah

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