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Sunday, October 10, 2010
Adnang Osmang picked me up to join other "Anak Terengganu" celebrating Raya at the new PESAT HQ in Kota Damansara.

Adnan promptly got called to sing his songs accompanied by the unique band "Bale Bale". The band, in kain batik and terompah (clogs) kept the guests entertained with their superb showmanship. They even belted out Santana's "Black Magic Woman", albeit in a Malay vein. Sadly, "Bale Bale " is not from Terengganu.

There was laksa kuah putih Terengganu on the menu. There were other Terengganu fares like kerepok lekor and pulut lepa.

Of course there was nasi dagang. Otherwise there would be a revolt.

PESAT's President, Tuan Hj. Ramlan Ibrahim had every right to be happy. The new 4 million ringgit building was officially opened by SPB Yang Di Pertuan Agong on 4th October and the President announced that the ground floor will be rented out for RM15,000 a month. He even pointed out the would-be tenant in the crowd.

The first and second floor are still available for rent at RM3,000 each.
The raya celebration was a success. I enjoyed myself and would like to thank PESAT for a job well done.
(More photos here:)

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  • behnya pok ku. last minute saya kena berkejar ke hospital tengok anok sedara tengah tenat..

    By Blogger Kama At-Tarawis, at 7:11 AM  
  • We kissed you Puteri! Hope your anak sedara gets better.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 1:00 PM  
  • MISSED bukan kissed. Pak Abu jangan marah.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 1:00 PM  
  • Dear Pokku,
    The cat would definitely revel in the presence of so much tuna and tuna-flavoured stuff...though we'll pass on the pulut lepa. Heard there was rojok betik as well. Wish we had met you too. purrr....meow!

    By Blogger Cat-in-Sydney, at 4:12 PM  
  • Wow! You guy must have plenty of money to build such a building.

    By Blogger Pak Idrus, at 4:41 PM  
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