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Thursday, June 17, 2010
I had a few days before my flight back to KL so I joined my eldest daughter and my grandchildren on their holiday in Terengganu. Terengganu was packed with tourists. The roads were jammed with traffic and there were weddings all over the place. I could not get a room in Kuala Terengganu or in Merang. Lesson learnt. Plan ahead. Way way ahead.
There was no sports channel in my mother's house so Adam , my oldest grandson and I requisitoned my cousin's house. It was currently unoccupied and it had all the Astro World Cup channels.

The next day Elida found rooms in a resort in Penarek, about 15 minutes drive from Merang. The rooms were rather cramped but they had decent bathroom with heater. The room has TV with only one channel - RTM TV1.

They also have a resident monkey who is over-friendly. The monkey would jump on anyone that she sees and climb up to the victim's shoulder.

I kept the monkey at arm's length

Aisyah did not mind the monkey grabbing her hair

The monkey getting comfortable with Aisyah, Adam and Aliya. The cat is taking a breather after sparring with the monkey.

When on the ground, the monkey would have a running battle with another resident, a cat. The monkey would try to get close to the cat but the cat would spit and snarl and swiped the monkey with drawn claws.

Aliya asked me why I didn't let the monkey come close. I told her I could not let the monkey get familiar with me because we have not been properly introduced yet.

Later, the monkey climbed up on Aliya and peed all over my cucu. Aliya stopped liking monkeys.

I could not tell you the monkey's name. We were not introduced.

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